Top Tier Service
We respect the fact that a down computer system, network or server can cost a business money in the form of lost productivity and even lost sales.  Does your IT help respond when it is convenient to them?  Do you find yourself waiting hours or even days for a response to your needs?  Not with PCDOCS+! 
We take on only as many clients as our staffing can handle.  Of course, sometimes response can be delayed in the business, as it is hard to be everywhere, all the time.  But PCDOCS+ prides ourselves on making response and minimal production downtime as possible for our clients.
Servicing London and area's IT needs for the past 17+ years has given us insight on how many IT issues are handled.  We have found that our customers are most frustrated by the "run around" and "passing the buck" they perceive by IT service professionals.  Be it your Internet service going down, your massive copy machine no longer functioning, network and server issues, it seems that the issue is someone else's to be dealt with.  We strive to position ourselves to be "the one stop shop" for all your IT needs.  We can manage everything IT for your company from basic computer repair, total network and server failure, procure workstation, server and any other hardware required... even Website development and Data basing, there is only one place you need to turn to: PCDOCS+. 
If we do not offer a service to address your specific issue, we have a strong team of IT professional from all ends of the IT spectrum to help.  Websites, Business DSL Internet service, Workstation and Server sales and installations, database design and repair and so on.